Premium Seafood - Quality is the Difference!

We invite you to check out our site starting with a few things about Premium Seafood and maybe then by taking a tour of our facilities and process. When you are convinced of our quality and capability to provide you with the best product available go to contact us or call us at (386) 847-3202.

Premium Seafood is located adjacent to the Atlantic Ocean on Florida's northeastern coastline south of St. Augustine and north of Marineland. Working with 4 other leaseholders, our cooperative group of farmers hold and farm over 20 acres of submerged land aquaculture leases located in the Matanzas river, 10 miles south of the St. Augustine inlet and 3 miles north of the Matanzas inlet. With normal river salinities 32-36 ppt, we share similar esturine conditions with most eastern Atlantic areas.