About Us

Premium Seafood began in 2012 as a seafood distribution business, distributing for Cedar Creek Shellfish Farms of New Smyrna Beach Florida. After starting and developing 2 prior aquaculture companies, both with partners, I decided it was time to do it on my own. Late in my first year of business I obtained 5.5 acres of submerged land leased for shellfish aquaculture. During 2013 I obtained a Farm Service Agency Operations Loan and began planting seedlings for sale and growout for future distribution. In 2014 I purchased 1.5 acres of upland appropriately zoned for “Shellfish Camp” and began the process of site approval by the county and state agencies.

In 2015 I finally obtained site approval for a Specialty Seafood Shoppe, Raw Bar, hatchery and nursery facilities. Breaking ground in June, I hoped to have my hatchery and nursery up and running for the fall seed season. Plans are to open retail and packing operations before the holiday season.

Our goals are to produce 20 million seedlings for local planting and restoration efforts, produce 50 million seedlings for other farmers, and supply 50,000 clams and oysters per week for local distribution. Based on estimates made by NOAA, these activities will absorb the impacts of 400-500 coastal residents on water quality of the adjacent estuary.

Our message is simple. It is our mission to work with federal, state and local agencies to maintain and enhance our local water quality by public awareness and education as well as conducting shellfish aquaculture and shellfish restoration efforts to balance coastal population impacts on the estuary.

As part of our efforts to educate the public on maintaining river health we will offer educational tours of our facilities. Our shellfish camp will also host guest chefs and their staff from upscale “white tablecloth” restaurants and resorts. After a tour of the facilities the guests will be served our products at our in house “Raw Bar”. In the past, this has proven to be a sure way of cementing long term relationships with customers and educating interested groups on ways to maintain good river health. To set up a time for your group to tour our facilities go to contact us.